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Caribbean Aircraft Parts Supplier Corp offers aircraft parts repair and overhaul services including loaners and exchanges - for avionics, instruments, parts, engines, components and accessories.

With the help of all the companies we work with, we guarantee the service you need, when you need it; in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


Exchanges and Loaners are subject to availability.



Rotor Blades maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities:


- Leading edge damage repair or replacement

- Skin repair

- Tip cap repair or replacement

- Structural repair

- Paint


Rental blades are available to minimize aircraft downtime.


Dynamic Components


Repair, Overhaul, Component upgrades, Appraisal,

Application of Service Bulletins for the following:


- Main Gear Box

- Tail Gear Box

- Main Rotor Head

- Main Drive Shaft

- Swashplate

- Reduction Gear

- Free Wheel Shaft

- Spider

- And more


Rental units are available for some components.




Capabilities for your engines including:


- Repair

- Overhaul


- Inspections

- Conversions


Engines Supported:


- Turbomeca       =   Arriel  1B/1C/1D1/1S/1C2/                                                  1E2/1S1/1C1

                                 Arriel 2B/2S1/2B1/2S2/2C1/2C2


- Rolls Royce       =   M250 Series II, III & IV turboshafts 

                                 M250 Series II turboprop


- Pratt & Whitney =   PT6 and PW200 Engine Series

- Garrett Engines =   Ask for models

Rental engines are available to minimize aircraft downtime.


Hydraulic Components


Repair and Overhaul capabilities for the following:


- Servos

- Landing Gears

- Actuators

- Dampers

- And more


Exchanges offers fast replacement of a unit instead of waiting for a repair or overhaul.


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